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Jews are among the 21 million Americans grappling with addiction every hour of every day. Increasing numbers of Jewish families and individuals find themselves struggling to understand, confront, and live with this disease. At the same time, many of these families and individuals feel alone and isolated.

Despite the growing epidemic, addiction is often seen within the Jewish community as something to be ashamed of, denied, and avoided. As Jews, we can no longer deny that addiction impacts our lives just as it does others. We can no longer stay silent while families keep their struggles and grief to themselves.

Now more than ever, Jewish communities and congregations must come together to have an honest discussion about the addiction crisis devastating Jewish lives. We must acknowledge and support families and individuals battling substance use disorder and those in recovery, without judgment. We must embrace programs, services, and resources that help members of our community impacted by the disease of addiction.

Jewish Addiction Awareness Network (JAAN) is focused on:

  • Increasing awareness and understanding of addiction and the impact of this epidemic on Jewish lives
  • Helping communities and congregations establish or increase programming around addiction and recovery so Jews touched by this issue can experience inclusion, warmth and compassion
  • Connecting Jewish families and individuals coping with addiction to vital support, resources and events available in their local Jewish communities
  • Exploring the power of Jewish knowledge and traditions in addressing addiction and recovery

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